Former "Rockapella" Star, Sean Altman's, JEWMONGOS Is Coming To Next Stage!

PUTNEY, VERMONT - Next Stage Arts Project presents Sean Altman’s JEWMONGOUS, live at 7:30 p. m. on Friday, December 23.

The concert celebrates the release of Altman's new (second) album of original comedy songs titled The Least Jewy Jew In Jewville.

Ex-Rockapella star, Sean Altman's, unkosher comedy song concert JEWMONGOUS is "tuneful and sharply witty" (Los Angeles Times), "relentlessly clever" (Chicago Tribune) and "bawdy with a wicked modern streak" (Washington Post), with "hilarious pleasures" (The New Yorker) that combine "the tunefulness of the Beatles and the spot-on wit of Tom Lehrer" (Boston Globe) with a “silky tenor voice that produced chills” (New York Times).

PRESS RELEASE * Photos courtesy of Sean Altman

Altman - one of "New York's finest comedians" (New York Times) and “a terrific singer and a songwriter with an ear equally attuned to comic satire and the power of pop music” (The New Yorker) - "writes hilarious and irreverent acoustic rock songs about his awakening Jewish awareness" (Jerusalem Post) to make you "laugh your tuchis off" (Time Out) as "part of a new breed of Jewish hipster comedy that includes Jon Stewart, Sacha Baron Cohen and Sarah Silverman" (Philadelphia Daily News).

He is a former, founding member of Rockapella and led that pioneering vocal group through its hey-day years on the Emmy-winning PBS-TV series, "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?", for which Altman co-wrote the famous theme song. His classic Passover song "They Tried To Kill Us (We Survived, Let's Eat)" has been featured on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

"My comedy-song act, JEWMONGOUS, is my own quirky way of connecting with my ancestry," Altman said in a recent SRO interview. "As a proud, secular Jew I take tremendous pride in the Tribe’s achievements and values. I long to feel like I’m a contributing member of the team, but I’m too busy being a rock star wannabe to attend synagogue.

"Thus, I've channelled three things I love — singing, song-writing and joke-telling — into a project that explores my people’s idiosyncratic nature, in comedic song. There’s also an obvious nod to my funny Jewish forbears — everyone from Mel Brooks and Woody Allen to the brash Jewish comics of the last 15 years: Sacha Baron Cohen, Sarah Silverman, Jon Stewart, Andy Samberg...etc."

Altman has twice performed for The President at the White House Chanukah Party, he has shared concert stages with Billy Joel, Steve Miller, Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Stewart, Jay Leno, Joey Ramone and Moby, and he has recorded with artists as diverse as XTC, John Cale, Richie Havens and They Might Be Giants.

Altman sings vocal standards at the bedside of hospital patients as a volunteer with Musicians On Call and has performed JEWMONGOUS throughout the USA, Europe, Israel and once in China. All faiths and the faithless are welcome but due to occasional potty-mouthedness, Sean Altman's JEWMONGOUS is not appropriate for kids under sixteen unless you're training them to be sailors.

"I write these songs to make myself laugh and to explore — from my own ignorant secular perspective — the mystifying customs and rituals of my tribe. The tone is irreverent, even occasionally risque´, but always affectionate. Wait; are you really telling me that I can’t eat a cheeseburger because the burger cow might have been cooked in the milk from the cheese cow, who just so happened to be his MOTHER?!!

"Lemme get this straight: Moses made a covenant with God to cut off part of *my* penis? I’ve heard of crazy relatives but great Uncle Moses went too far with that one. Happily for me, my sensibility seems to have broad appeal: secular Jews identify with me, conservative Jews like to laugh at me, and orthodox Jews get a kick out of pitying me."

Tickets are $20 in advance $24 at the door, available online, through the Next Stage website ( or at the Putney Coop or Turn It Up in Brattleboro. Next Stage is located at 15 Kimball Hill, Putney, VT, and features a newly-renovated, accessible performance space.