Helping Hand For The Band... In Remembrance of Marlin Paquette

Sad news comes today, with the passing of my friend, Mr. Marlin Paquette. There are many ways to describe Marlin... cool, thoughtful, loyal, dependable... and he was the right-hand man of so many local musicians and bands that it would be difficult to list them all!

Article and photo by Joe Milliken

I used to see Marlin at many local events and helping in any way he could, usually lugging equipment around and sweating his butt off, yet I could always sense that it is what he'd rather be doing anyway... "Enough with the small talk... let's ROCK," I'd bet he was thinking!

On a personal level, Marlin was very supportive of my music journalism and always went out of his way to thank me for writing about musicians and bands he knew or events that he was connected to. He sent me a personal note when I launched Standing Room Only, just to say he thought it was cool... and he was especially thankful whenever I would write about our musical-mutual-friend, the late-great Doug Bashaw.

I distinctly remember taking this photo of Marlin at one of the memorable “Bashaw Benefit” events in 2012, while holding a custom-crafted “Bashaw Bass." He was just beaming with pride over it and completely comfortable in his element! A great moment and the image I choose to remember Marlin by because believe me, that is how he wants it.

Upon losing several friends as of late, admittedly, my mortality feels rattled a bit... but none-the-less, we keep moving forward and for those who know me fairly well, there is an absolute reason why I say “Enjoy Every Day” quite often now.

Marlin was a great guy and there are many family, friends and musicians alike that will remember him fondly. Its comforting to know that he can now give out some hugs to our family and friends on the other side and let them know how much we miss and celebrate them. Heaven now has a kick-ass-rocker to help with the band. Rest in Peace, Mr. Marlin.