Mulit-Talented Julie Mintz Releases Debut EP, Produced By Moby

LOS ANGELES, CA – With her graceful grasp of melody and poetic yet piercing lyricism, Corpus Christi, Texas-bred and L.A.-based multi-instrumentalist Julie Mintz creates Gothic Americana — a country infused take on folk that’s both sweetly ethereal and steeped in moody melancholy - on her debut EP, The Thin Veil, to be released in May. The first track, titled “Til She Disappears,” recently debuted on

PRESS RELEASE * Photos courtesy of Julie Mintz

Produced by Moby (with whom Mintz has performed as a vocalist and keyboardist since 2011) and engineered by Darrell Thorp (7-time Grammy winner; Beck’s Morning Phase), The Thin Veil proves possessed of a dreamy sensitivity and soul-stirring honesty reminiscent of songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Emmylou Harris, while still “a bit more haunting and troubled than your standard folk fare.” (-LAMusicBlog)

Selected from a collection of some 60 songs written by Mintz over the last few years, she collaborates with several musician-friends, including Moby and pedal-steel guitarist Michael Rozon, whose elegant playing creates a whole other layer of tender emotionalism to the EP.

“What I love about Julie’s music and her approach to songwriting, are her prowess and vulnerability,” says Moby. “Her songs are complicated but they come across as quite traditional... and her singing and song structure have a vulnerability that distinguishes her music from so many other singer-songwriters.”

Led by her “angelic voice” (-Daily News LA), The Thin Veil delivers a rare gem of otherworldliness and mystical charm. A glimpse into her inner-workings, the EP title is reference to a longtime struggle with insomnia. Mintz explains, “In certain spiritual traditions there’s a theory that the veil between the living and the dead becomes thinner at night.”

While all of The Thin Veil is built on lush, atmospheric arrangements, each song delicately and seamlessly allows Mintz’s gorgeously rendered and quietly powerful lyrics to stand as its stunning centerpiece. “If you’ve ever wanted to float away on a cloud of hopes, dreams and despair, this is exactly the kind of music you’ve been looking for.” (-LAMusicBlog)

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