The RoadTrash Band Releases New CD, To Host Release Party

WINDSOR, VERMONT – Hailing from scenic Windsor, the birthplace of Vermont, The RoadTrash Band is a gritty blend of “rock, cowpunk and thunderboogie”... a stripped-down, vintage style of rock-and-roll that will leave you stomping your feet and wanting more! The RoadTrash Band was formed in 2012 by drummer-turned-front-man Dan Blaise (vocals and guitars) and also features Bernie Moss, (one of this writer's favorite local guitarists) Seth Howard on bass and vocals and Levi Howard on drums.

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of The RoadTrash Band 1. The Hearse 2. Dan Blaise 3. Bernie Moss 4. The RoadTrash Band

The band set out to not only create original songs, but to also take old-school Country songs and interject them with their own cow-punk-rocking stylings. This cross-genre, if you will, is what the band interprets as “Cowpunk and Thunderboogie,” which really shines through in their greuling live performances.

“The band was formed upon a request from a friend of mine who hosts an annual party,” Dan Blaise said in a recent, Standing Room Only interview. “I'd played the drums in various bands for 25 years and just decided I wanted to try something new. So, I became a front-man and hand-picked my band members... who are more like family than band mates.”

The RoadTrash Band's influences are wide-ranging; from classic hard rockers AC/DC and The Rolling Stones, to the Southern/Cali-type rock styles of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Creedence Clearwater Revival, to the classic country of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings... and you can hear it all, infused into both their original and cover songs.

Yes, the energy of this band is never more apparent than through a live setting. “If I'm not broken or bloody by the end of the night, then I clearly have not done my job,” Blaise recently stated on the band's ReverbNation page. “Sometimes we have to use our stage monitors more as a blockade than a listening device!"

The RoadTrash Band recently released their debut, self-titled CD and will be hosting a “release party” at The Windsor Station night club in Windsor, Vermont. The new CD features six original and four cover songs and was recorded at Bernie Lanoue's Backwoods Boogie Studio in West Topsham, Vermont. Blaise's friend, Lanoue was the production engineer and mastered the tracks, while he and Blaise did the final mixing along with input from the band.

“I did the final mix with Bernie, after getting input from the other band members but as it turned out, we basically all had the same tweaks in mind, so it worked out perfectly,” Blaise said. “I spent about 30 weekends at the studio over the course of a year-and-a-half and laid down the rhythm guitar and vocals - so that Seth, Bernie (Moss) and Levi could come in and finish up the songs. I also played the drums on a couple tracks before Levi joined the band and jumped into the recording process with us.”

The aforementioned CD release party will take place at The Windsor Station, the band's favorite and most frequent haunt, on Saturday, December 19 at 10 p.m. “ The Windsor Station has supported us well, so it was important for us to have the CD release party there,” Blaise added.

“Our focus has been on the CD release party for the past few months and after the party, we plan to return to the Backwoods Boogie Studio to record a new original song called “Iron and Ash.” The song is based on the Hartford Bridge Disaster of 1887 and we wrote it two years ago, but between finalizing the CD and our hectic gig schedule, we just hadn't had the time to put the finishing touches on the song and record it.”

With the release of the debut CD, The RoadTrash Band is now looking to expand upon their current touring radius and play out to new venues both far and wide. "What you hear on the new album is what you will get from us in a live setting... and then some," Blaise exclaimed. “We've been getting some great feedback from people at our shows and are looking forward to growing our audience... we're also currently restoring our '74 Cadillac hearse (our bandwagon!) so we can take it out on the road to tow our band trailer!” Sure sounds like a raunchy, Cow-punk-rocking good time!

To learn more about The RoadTrash Band, order their new self-titled CD or to get some way cool merchandise, visit the following RoadTrash pages at Facebook, BandCamp and ReverbNation!
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