SUPERCHARGED! Carol Ann Jones Release New CD, Has A Party!

ST. ALBANS, VERMONT – Singer/songwriter and St. Albans-native Carol Ann Jones is back with a new CD titled Supercharged!, her first release of new material since her acoustic solo effort from 2011 called Hope and before that, her 2009 debut release titled Out of the Blue. The band also recently celebrated the new CD with a release party in late February, hosted by Twiggs in St. Albans.

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Carol Ann Jones & The Superchargers are a unique outfit, indeed, meshing everything from rock-and-roll and rockabilly, to bluegrass and country ... yes, all of these flavors can be found within these songs. “I actually wrote the songs on Supercharged! over a seven year period,” Carol Ann Jones said in an exclusive Standing Room Only interview. “Several were written while I was working part-time at the quiet Georgia, Vermont Post Office. However, I was also writing other songs during this time and recorded my acoustic album, Hope, with Colin McCaffrey at The Green Room Studio.”

The current Superchargers lineup features regional favorites Andre Marquera on lead guitar and backing vocals, Will Patton on mandolin, steel guitar, bass and backing vocals, Gary "Spud" Spaulding on drums & percussion, Thom Carvey on bass and sax and of course, Carol Ann on lead vocal and acoustic guitar. Marquera also owns West Street Digital Studio in Fairfield, Vermont, where both Supercharged! And Out of the Blue were recorded.

“I originally met Andre through MySpace while looking for a guitar teacher for my son,” Carol Ann said. “And when I arrived at his place for the first lesson, it was ‘hey, this is a recording studio! I write songs and I would love to record them!’ So, Andre recorded my scratch tracks of fourteen songs that I'd written and in late 2009, Out of the Blue was released.”

“Andre was just great to work with and he also introduced me to his 8084 band mate, Gary Spaulding, who tracked all the percussion and Aram Bedrosian, who performed bass on that first album. Andre also introduced me to Will Patton who played mandolin… Will and I also perform often as a duo with me on acoustic guitar.”

Andre Marquera: "Carol came in as a singer/songwriter wanting to record demos of her songs and while she was green and just starting out, I immediately saw potential. She had the heart and soul of a storyteller and a pureness and clarity in her voice. As a producer, I could "hear" the songs fleshed out with the ensemble of parts and characters that would become the Superchargers. Given that, we tracked her guitar and voice to a click track and all the songs have always grown and developed in the same way, from that single wellspring of voice and guitar. Those first songs became part of her first CD Out of the Blue.

From there, Carol Ann recruited some musician friends she had met along the way to form the Superchargers in 2010, which included Andre, Gary, Will, along with Chris Peterman on sax and Gordon Stone on pedal steel guitar. The band formed for a CD release party held at The Old Lantern in Charlotte, Vermont. “The four of us (with Andre, Gary and Will) have continued to play together since that first show, then adding Thom Carvey on bass and saxophone and Will now playing mandolin, steel and some bass. So we've all been playing together for five years now. Wow, how time flies!”

"By the time we began work on the 2nd CD, the Superchargers lineup had become more defined," Andre added. "The live band was also the studio band - and all are veterans of the music scene with years of experience on the road and in the studio. Gary "Spud" Spaulding on drums; Will Patton on mando, steel tenor guitar, bass and vocals; Thom Carvey on bass, sax and vocals and myself as the utility infielder on guitars, various other stringed instruments (some of which may have started with a b and ended in anjo) percussion keys and vocals."

This of course, brings us to the present and the release just last month of Supercharged! “I wanted this to be an album featuring some of the heavier tunes I perform with the full band,” Carol Ann said. “The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Andre at West Street Digital over a three-year period, while I performed lots of solo and duo shows to raise money in order to release the CD independently."

"The creative process is always the same for me when I produce artists," Andre said. "We start with the most basic of frameworks and I always trust that the song will tell me what it wants. Given the limitless level of available musicianship, it's a producers dream to work with players of this caliber... parts are never dummied down. That said, it really comes full circle and back to having that initial spark... and Carol provides that."

“I love the whole recording process and Andre and I work very well together on the production," Carol Ann said. "The musicianship is really top-notch and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I also worked with DiscMakers to duplicate and package the album and the photos were taken by Vermont photographers, Brett Macy, Ellen Ross and John R. Miller.”

The band also recently celebrated the new CD with a release party in late February, hosted by the aforementioned Twiggs in St. Albans. “The show was just fantastic,” Carol Ann added. “There were wonderful friends and family all mingling, dancing and singing. It was really a blast to perform the new songs for such a great audience. The whole band was on and our sound technician, Greg Noble, did a great job. It was just an unforgettable night!”

As spring finally hits, there will be plenty of opportunities to see Carol Ann Jones & The Superchargers, including several festivals and summer concerts in the coming months. “I feel so lucky to work with such great musicians and friends,” Carol concluded. “We all share the love of making people happy with our music - and they love playing original tunes - so I keep writing!

“We love to jam on rock-and-roll and play just about any popular song. During the day I perform at area nursing homes and senior centers to help pay the bills and one of my favorite jobs, is performing for persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. I've witnessed, countless times, how music can bring light and joy to someone living in a very dark, lonely world. Everyone, sing!”

To learn more about Carol Ann Jones and The Superchargers, find out about upcoming shows and ordering the new CD, please visit (Editor’s note: also watch for a review of the new CD Supercharged! Coming to our 'Review This' column soon)