The Yawpers: Denver's Blues-Rockin' Trio Releases New CD on Bloodshot Records

DENVER, COLORADO – Emerging from the beer-soaked bars of Denver, The Yawpers are not your typical three-piece rock band. Featuring just two acoustic guitars and drums, this trio produces a sonic atmosphere in the spirit of any electric rock or metal band. Their unique name spawned from a Walt Whitman poem (titled “Song of Myself”) featuring the line “I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of The Yawpers

Comprised of Nate Cook on lead vocals and guitar, Jesse Parmet on slide guitar and harmonies, and Noah Shomberg on drums, The Yawpers combine a multitude of styles that interestingly, don’t necessarily add up… sort of a modern Delta blues-meets-Ween vibe, but with a punky, old-school sort of feel ala’ MC5 and the Minutemen… if you can somehow grasp that concept? Well, neither could I… so, you just gotta listen for yourself!

After forming, the band self-released three titles before getting finally getting signed to a label: an EP in 2011 titled Savage Blue, a full-length title in 2012 titled Capon Crusade, and an album of cover songs in 2013 titled Good Songs/Shitty Versions, which was recorded in one day at Royal Recordings in Denver and featured songs by such varied artists as Ween, Motorhead, Elvis Presley and Aerosmith.

In a relatively short period of time, The Yawpers are building a loyal fan-base and have shared the stage with such national indie acts as Cracker, Nashville Pussy, The Blasters, Supersuckers, Delta Spirit, Lucero, Wanda Jackson, The Black Angels and The Reverend Horton Heat.

In 2015, The Yawpers were signed to Bloodshot Records after the label saw the band perform at Austin’s South by Southwest Music Festival. In October of that year, the band released their first album on Bloodshot, titled American Man. Produced by Cracker’s Johnny Hickman, the tracks were recorded at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado, a studio operated by punk drummer Bill Stevenson of The Descendents. American Man and the single “Burdens,” received positive press from Rolling Stone: “The guys bang out a Springsteen-worthy tribute to escaping the city limits of one’s hometown.”

In August of 2017, the band released their third title of original material titled Boy in a Well, a concept album set in France during World War I, about a mother abandoning her unwanted newborn child… with a whole lot more bubbling underneath the surface. The album was recorded at Reliable Recordings by Alex Hall, (JD McPherson, The Cactus Blossoms) with production assistance and instrumental contributions from Tommy Stinson (The Replacements, Bash & Pop). The band connected with Stinson through their publicist, who was sharing office space with Stinson’s manager.
So, how might this new concept record differ from their previous release? “I leave it for the critics to say, on a quality front,” Nate Cook said in a recent, Standing Room Only interview. “On the backend, it's a much more deliberate piece of work. It follows an arc, and then ties a thread through. Sonically, we wanted to draw from an even deeper pool of American music, and force different styles together in ways that we found interesting. Some of these influences include The Cramps, Nick Cave, Alan Lomax, and any number of poets and authors.” 
With this concept release, The Yawpers really stretch the boundaries of their sound, cleverly meshing intelligent lyrics with a blues-like, yet-punky, down-home-stomp. The storyline was created by lead singer Nate Cook, conjured up after an overindulgent combination of alcohol, Dramamine and an early morning plane flight.

The results are deep and sometimes personal, touching upon the “removal of shrapnel embedded from Cook’s failed marriage” and analyzing various psychological fascinations. “From conception to completion, the recording took the better part of a year,” Cook added. “The storyboarding went for about eight months, lyrics were then written over a three-week lock-in, and the arrangements were done over six months.”

The Yawpers are touring the mid-west through December, including shows in Cleveland, St. Louis, Omaha, Green Bay, Ft. Wayne, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Houston, Denver and more. For more information, upcoming events, tour dates, and to order gear and the new album, please visit the band’s website at as well as the Bloodshot Records website at