ROCK THE 802 Presents: Vermont Rockers Pleasure Dome Taking Brief Hiatus

ESSEX JUNCTION, VERMONT – Pleasure Dome has been cranking up their fiery brand of classic and 80’s-style rock all over Vermont since 2009. The band features front-man Jayson Argento, a multi-faceted vocalist, actor, photographer and filmmaker from Colchester, Vermont, Milton, Vermont-native and formerly of the Vermont metal band Apostasy, Ed Fletcher, guitarist (and avid collector of Charvel/Jackson guitars) Travis Beaudette, veteran bassist and formerly of the Vermont hardcore band Slush, Tom Dunn, and longtime drummer and Colchester-native, Joe Villemaire, who has rocked in such local bands as Never Again, Drowningman and Waiting for a Miracle.

Photos courtesy of Pleasure Dome

However, after four very successful years performing together, the band has decided to go on a temporary hiatus to start up some new business ventures and spend a little more time with family. But the band vows to be back in full force soon enough, fully rested and ready to rock again! Standing Room Only correspondent, Teri Fulkerson, recently caught up with Pleasure Dome drummer Joe Villemaire, to talk about the very beginnings, as well as the current state of the band known as Pleasure Dome.

Teri Fulkerson: First off, how did you come up with the band name Pleasure Dome?
Joe Villemaire: The name was actually a long running joke with my brother and me growing up. He played guitar and I played drums, and we always said we were going to start a band. Since that never came to be, I pulled the name out when we started jamming in this project. With us being predominantly an 80’s rock cover band, the name just seemed to fit… not to mention its fun sexual overtones.

TF: How long have the band members all known each other and how did you meet?
JV: I had known Ed for many years… we started joking about this project and then I contacted Travis, whom I have known for roughly ten years. Travis and I had jammed together many times before this band came to be, so I remembered his guitar skills and love for 80’s style rock… so it was a perfect fit. Tom had answered our craigslist ad, but it turned out I actually knew him from back in the hardcore days, when he played in a band I was a huge fan of in my early teens called Slush. As for Jayson, I knew him from his past original bands and had found a Myspace video of him singing Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive.” I showed it to the guys and it sealed the deal.

TF: What inspired you to make music together?
JV: We came together in the summer of 2009 and started learning songs and rehearsing together. We did our first show in December of that year and it was all craziness from there! The group of guys we put together just clicked, which inspired us to recreate the music that we all loved growing up.

TF: How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?
JV: I wouldn’t say our music has evolved per say, but simply progressed as we learned new songs to play. It has always been important to us to learn all these classic songs as they were originally performed… we wanted people to hear the songs as they remembered them.

TF: On a lighter note, has the band had an embarrassing moment along the way?
JV: We did a show in Randolph, Vermont once… we started a song and at some point, Jayson forgot the lyrics. So the band just kept looping the same part over and over again (for about two minutes, mind you)as we kept waiting for Jayson to jump back in, but it never happened. I finally hit a drum fill to change the part and we finally ended the song. Luckily, we never fully train-wrecked as we like to call it… we never stopped completely.

TF: Why has the band decided to go on an indefinite hiatus at this point in time?
JV: Pleasure Dome has had a great four-year run and we’ve accomplished things that we never thought we could as a cover band. We started this project up just to fool around and have fun, but it turned into something that none of us had imagined. We had a very busy four years and gigged a lot, but it was also a taxing four years. Plus, with multiple band members starting businesses and all of us wanting to spend more time with family, we decided to take a breather for a bit and re-charge the batteries. We are grateful to every single person that has come out to see us play and we have made many great friends. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon… We will be back!