Coming to the Windsor Station Restaurant: TONIGHT! It's The RoadTrashBand!

WINDSOR, VERMONT - Coming to the Windsor Station Restaurant and Barroom on Saturday, June 10, The RoadTrashBand will deliver its rugged, old school, vintage rock-and-roll treatments to your favorite classic rock, cow-punk, thunder-boogie and beer-soaked bar jams! The band hits the stage at 10:00 p.m. and will rock the house for a few hours!

Formed in 2012, The RoadTrashBand is Dan Blaise on guitar and vocals, Bernie Moss on lead guitar, Seth Howard on bass and vocals, and Chris Powers drums and vocals. The band originally set out to not only create original songs, but also take old school Country songs and interject them with their own rock-punk-rocking stylings. This cross-genre is what the band interprets as “Cow-punk and Thunder-boogie,” which really shines through in their electric live performances. (Editor's note: If you have not witnessed one Bernie Moss on guitar I would make it a point of interest, trust me.)

To learn more about the band or to book a show, visit their Facebook page or send the band an email at Also watch for a full SRO feature article about The RoadTrashBand coming soon!