The Custom Jewelry Creations of Silver Impressions

KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE – With over two decades of experience in the field, Anna King has developed a keen knowledge in all aspects of hand-crafted jewelry; designer and creator, wholesale sales and now, retail store owner. Not only has she developed Anna King Jewelry, her own line of custom hand-made jewelry, but also now owns and operates Silver Impressions, a unique jewelry and gift shop located on West Street in Keene, New Hampshire.

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of Silver Impressions

So, one may ask, how did Anna's journey into the world of jewelry come to be?

“I’ve been working with jewelry for more than 25 years, with my first experience in the field working at a small jewelry company in Southern Vermont,” Anna King said in an exclusive, SRO interview. “It was during that time where I discovered the raw beauty of metal and stones coming together... the shine, designs and intricacy coupled with the delicate workmanship truly captured me.

“I worked for a small jewelry store located in Southern Vermont and was the second employee they hired. I learned from the ground up, how to manage and run a retail jewelry store and interacting with all the people there, taught me the importance of helping a customer decide on the perfect piece of jewelry.”

After eight years in the company's retail setting and having the desire to learn all aspects of the jewelry business, King began working within the wholesale side of the company, performing a multitude of activities including managing field representatives, cataloging accounts and the planning and booking of wholesale jewelry shows.

“For some 15 years, I interacted with companies and customers from around the world and learned a great deal about the business through these experiences,” Anna added. However, she would eventually be laid off from her job of 17 years and knowing she wanted to remain in the jewelry business, decided it was time to launch her own jewelry company.

"I knew it was a business I wanted to remain in, so I looked at the lay-off as an opportunity to begin a new career in jewelry," King said. I didn’t look at it as the end of a career but a chance to begin a new one... with my knowledge, skills and a boat-load of desire, I started my wholesale company Anna King Jewelry. “Yes, this move allowed me the unique opportunity to work for myself and explore my dreams.”

Anna King Jewelry was designed to offer a variety of stones and carvings from around the world, as well as other unique, hand-picked items such as Russian hand-painted porcelain, crystal, glass and other catalyst items."Each jewelry piece I offer is selected by hand, ensuring a perfect fit for each of our designs," King said.

“I create sterling silver jewelry from Bali and Mexico, setting both precious and semi-precious stones. I also attend several major trade shows each year to ensure a unique and ever-evolving inventory. King's wholesale customer base includes small shops and boutiques throughout the United States and foreign countries as well. "I also offer my customers online service, and also offer personal appointments in which I bring my product to the potential client."

Most recently, King also expanded her company to include a jewelry and gift storefront dubbed Silver Impressions and located at 21 West Street in scenic Keene, New Hampshire. The store recently celebrated its one year anniversary in October.

With Impressions, King is striving to provide a fun, exotic atmosphere, offering limited-edition collections and her one-of-a-kind jewelry masterpieces, complimented with beautiful creations from other designers such as Charles Albert, Michael Conner, Balinesia and Toucan of Scotland.

"With the retail store, I wanted to expand a bit from jewelry to offer my customers various items that are not saturating the market. We offer Russian hand-painted jewelry boxes, one-of-a-kind Fluorite, Rhodocrosite, Rainbow Obsidian and antler and fossil carvings.”

Silver Impressions also offers a variety of clothing lines including Renoir, Balinesia Silver, Haiku Sweaters, Our Own Candle Company, Prairie Cotton, Ambersphere, PeacockTunics and Charles Albert’s "Alchemia" Collection. They also offer geodes, books about stones and spheres, meditation sticks and various decorative home accents.

“With the current economy such as it is, stores need to draw costumers with new and exciting products,” King concluded. “People are looking for that one special piece of jewelry that no one else has. When you buy jewelry or a gift you want it to be unique and different, therefore, I hand select various types of stones to achieve this.

When I can’t find the right stone or product for a particular piece, I buy the rough stone and cut only the best, offering the finest piece to be set in my jewelry. I offer hundreds of designs, set very uniquely and also offer a broad price range of jewelry to accommodate any budget... but most of all, I strive to be bold and different from my competition.”

To learn more about Anna King Jewelry and Silver Impressions, visit their shop at 21 West Street in Keene, New Hampshire, call 603.352.3900 or visit their websites at and