Mach One Pro Sound Reinforcement Delivers Music To Your Ears

SPRINGFIELD, VERMONT – Launched in 2012 by sound engineer, Steve Lafoe, Mach One Pro Sound Reinforcement is an event production company based in Southern Vermont, specializing in live sound production for mostly intimate-to-medium sized events throughout the New England area. Mach One strives to meet the needs of each client with the most effective and reliable equipment available to fulfill the job.

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of Mach One Pro Sound Reinforcement

Originally from Claremont, New Hampshire and now residing in Springfield, Vermont, Lafoe has been around music all his life and is a musician himself. “It can easily be said that I was born loving music... it’s in my genes,” Steve said in a recent SRO interview. “I am lucky enough to have been born into a talented musical family that allowed me every opportunity to grow as a musician.

“My father, Terry and uncle, David, were both singers and guitarists. My aunt, Bonnie, was also a singer and their collective talent was passed down from my grandparents, who were also musicians. My family was apart of several local, well-known bands (such as Cracka’s and Haywire) and by the age of seven, I had played on stage and by 16, I was playing paid gigs in my family’s variety bands. I’ve always been about music and as I’ve progressed through life, it’s grown from the love of playing into a driving need to be a part of its production.”

Indeed, Lafoe possesses the strong desire to share his musical experiences beyond playing in a band, combining a thirst for sound technology and a passion for live entertainment to create his own vision of what a live, musical experience could and should be. “When I first started doing sound, my intention was never to do this for a living, but to simply fulfill the sound needs for our band.

“We weren’t entirely satisfied with the sound that some of the hired techs had provided for us, which prompted me to take an interest in learning on my own. Surprisingly though and I say that because I love being a drummer, I began to really enjoy mixing... which led to this overwhelming need to learn all that I could and ultimately, seek out the best sound engineer I knew to learn from. I was fortunate, at that point, to develop a friendship with Matt Lillie of Soundtown, who is arguably one of the best sound engineers in all of New England.”

Lafoe would continue to mix the sound for his own band, while also working alongside Lillie, often times simply to observe and “pick his brain.” He would continue this hands-on, personalized training over the next decade, mixing for his own and other bands while continuing to build up his own sound-gear and confidence. Then, in 2012 Mach One Pro Sound Reinforcement was officially launched, providing mixing services for all entertainment genre's, as well as venue services.

“The drive comes from never being satisfied with your mix. You are always looking to improve upon the listening experience and to present the music and performers in the best possible light,” Steve said. “It’s a give-and-take relationship with each client, with each moment, with each scenario and when everything is jiving – it’s magic!”

Mach One’s gear is also consistently evolving. “We are always working on improving our gear inventory and if we don’t have something a particular band or artist needs, in most cases we can make arrangements to provide it. Some engineers swear by one, three-letter brand or another but right now, for us, it’s all about the best quality for the money.

“Currently, we use point source speakers... primarily Peavey’s QW Series large format speakers as well as On Point Audio and QSC K and KW series. We are also firmly in the digital mixer arena and primarily favor Soundcraft and Allen & Heath and are about to add the Allen & Heath Qu32 to the roster. My ultimate goal is an RCF line array and the Midas Pro Series console.”

While keeping in line with modern technology, Mach One is able to provide a wide range of services covering large or small venues and basic or advanced sound needs. From a basic PA system for a graduation or corporate event, to a large-format sound system for an outdoor fair or festival stage, Lafoe’s experience allows him to provide the best service along with customer-focused event production to ensure your vision is a success.

“This past year has been the most exciting and busiest year for us so far,” Steve said. “We have been fortunate to work with some amazing artists from all genres, including Sarah Blacker, The Chad Hollister Band, Vehicle, Jennifer Mitchell, Jeff Tuohy, Soule Monde, Brother Dege, Paranoid Social Club, Jukebox the Ghost and The Lawn Boys (Phish Tribute) to name a few.” Mach One has also recently done mixing for some great events including “Pickin’ In The Pasture” and "Springfield Steampunk Festival" and “The Cornish Fair,” the last being a very personal undertaking.

“As my hometown fair, the Cornish Fair has always struck me as an fantastic venue that could feature some amazing artists,” Lafoe added. “We have several fairs here in Vermont and New Hampshire that are known for their musical entertainment and I wanted this fair to become known for the same. So, we approached the fair entertainment director, Jan Lord, about collaborating to bring more diverse, crowd-pleasing acts to the stage.

“Thus, we began the journey of creating this new image for the Cornish Fair entertainment and I am happy to say that in year two of our quest, we have managed to break crowd records all three days and already have a 2016 lineup in the works that we hope will do the same.”

Lafoe really wants to emphasize that mixing music for bands and artists is not just a job and his business, but also a true passion. “I never thought I would find something else in this world that gives me the same feeling and rush as performing on stage with my drums... but I’ve found it. My ultimate goal is to not only be respected in my field as an engineer, but to be known to musicians and audiences as someone who truly puts their heart 'on the desk' for every single show.

“I draw inspiration from those who have gone before me. My father, my aunt and my uncle... they are always there, present in my heart and mind with every single show I do. Ultimately, the music I help create is in their memory, which pushes me to do the best work I can do each and every time.”

To learn more about Mach One Pro Sound Reinforcement and the services Steve Lafoe and company has to offer, visit their website at or call engineer Lafoe at 802-291-2265 or Jenn Ucci (marketing and booking) at 802-558-0766.