Welcome to So.802 Recording Studios

SPRINGFIELD, VERMONT – Welcome to So.802 Studios, a brand-new recording facility based in the Southern Vermont town of Springfield and launched by local hip-hop artists John Keefe and Brad Veysey, also known as Causin' Effect. The lyricist, Keefe (AKA Jibba the Gent) and drummer/producer, Veysey, (AKA Vazy) chose Springfield (where they both went to high school) for their studio location as to help create a better atmosphere and a new option for the younger generation in their hometown.

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of S0.802 Studios

No one understands the importance of “better options” more than Veysey, who in 2010, encountered his own problems with the law. Luckily, however, the duo have found a new path in life and are now using their musical talents to not only create opportunity in their own lives, but to hopefully help others find their own path of opportunity as well.

We've always had our own home recording studios, but with having growing families, our space for recording was getting smaller and smaller... which led us to paying for professional recording time,” John Keefe said in a recent Standing Room Only interview. “We also like to take a lot of time on our music so it comes out right, which in turn, makes recording projects very costly.

“So, we realized it would be a lot cheaper to just create our own studio space and pay rent. We needed to find a creative and friendly zone and environment... and we believe we are making that happen, especially being set right next to the river.”

Located at 12 Clinton Street in Springfield, So.802 Studios offers a friendly and relaxing recording atmosphere for their clients and is already full-functioning and booking studio time. "We record digitally with Protools, Logic Pro and Fruity Loops and are constantly upgrading our Plug-In's for editing and effects... as well as VST's for the latest instrument samples for our beats.

"We also offer AKG 414 XLII as to record our live instruments and Blue Mic's for vocals... it really can capture any musical instrument beautifully." Some of So.802's current clients include Doug Day, Mike Mancuso, Chris Brown (Yung Breeze). Jamal Walter (Junum), Raymond Lewis, Northern Lights Nation, members of Scarfaces Tour (when they came to Vermont) including Money B from Digital Underground, Angel Nestervich and Robin Keefe. Jay Gibbs is also a recording, mixing and mastering engineer for So.802 Studios.

So, what's next?

So.802 Studios will present an open-house and listening party that is open to the public on Saturday, June 18. “There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony and meet-and-greet from 1 to 3 p.m. with food catered by Sheri's Place,” Jibba added. “All the current artists on our roster will also be there to answer questions about upcoming projects, provide song translation and to just kick it with the community and fans.”

Then from 7 to 9 p.m. the studio will offer a listening party as to hear all these various artist's new and unreleased music first, before anyone else... then closing out the event with a final Q & A for anyone who may have additional questions, thoughts, ideas, suggestions or might want to book studio time!

“Our studio is a community project, therefore, anyone that wants to join us and become involved is more than welcome,” Jibba concluded. “It is a safe and fun environment for all members of the community, young and old. We work closely with Turning Point Recovery Center, taking part in fund raisers and recording projects and we also hope to work with after school programs to give young adults in town, a place to create music and learn the business with us. Our ears are always open at So.802!”

To learn more about So.802 Studios, the upcoming open house or to book a tour of the facility or studio time, please contact Jibba and Vazy at so.802.vt@gmail.com or www.jibbathegent.com.