Not Your Average Cup of Joe: Precision Valley Coffee Roasters

SPRINGFIELD, VERMONT – Precision Valley Coffee Roasters, based in the scenic Southern Vermont town of Springfield, offers a fine line of small batch-roasted, cooperatively sourced coffee beans and featuring seven tasty flavors: Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Sumatra, Moka Kadir, Yemen and Decaf... each featuring its own distinct flavors.

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of Precision Valley Coffee Roasters

Founded in 2006 by roaster Aram Polster, he originally started roasting beans while living on Smith Island in the Chesapeake Bay, simply to feed his own coffee addiction. “I started the “New York Experience” on Smith Island because there was simply no place to get any coffee,” Polster said in an exclusive SRO interview. “I started roasting on a tiny, four-ounce roaster which had no controls to monitor roast temperature, or air flow—it was the most basic type of home roaster you could buy.”

Aram then set up his “New York City” coffee cart and from there, it would steadily become a very popular place until Polster decided to re-locate to Vermont. He then started roasting coffee through a slightly larger machine, which could roast eight ounces at a time.

“By then I realized that I enjoyed roasting so much I wanted to do it as a vocation,” Aram said. “So, I did a lot of research, talked to a bunch of people and finally bit the bullet and purchased a San Franciscan SF-6 roaster, capable of roasting up to five pounds of coffee at a time.”

So what makes Precision Valley coffee unique?

“I continue to use the same roaster today because I love its performance, however, now I can roast beans two or three times a week whereas on the island, I was also running a ‘coffee shop’ business and was only roasting on a tiny level. Now I roast about 100 pounds of coffee a week and do not have a coffee shop to run!”

Another unique aspect is the fact that Polster also roasts his coffee beans on a property that he shares with a unique home for animals called the VINE Sanctuary, a haven for animals that have been rescued from abusive circumstances. A perfect partnership for the vegan owned and operated coffee company. “VINE was formerly known as the Eastern Shore Sanctuary and Education Center and was located in Princess Anne, Maryland,” Aram said.

“They had already been in existence for over a decade when I became associated with them and my future wife was one of the co-founders of the sanctuary... I met her while volunteering there. We eventually moved to Vermont and expanded the sanctuary to include not only the ducks and chickens that resided in Maryland, but to now include cows, sheep and other large farmed animals.”

Precision Valley Coffee is currently offered at several local establishments including the Springfield Coop, the Putney coop and Putney General Store in Putney, the River Valley Market in Wilmington and Serios Market in Northampton, Massachusetts. Precision Valley Coffee is also served at the Pourhouse Coffee cart in Springfield and the Flat Iron Exchange in Bellows Falls.

“I also participate in a number of area farmers markets including the Bellows Falls Market on every other Friday, the West Townshend Farmers Market on every other Friday and the Putney Farmers Market on Sundays. The Pourhouse Coffee Cart is the original cart from Smith Island that colleague David Hinckley is running, serving baked goods and Precision Valley Coffee! I am also working on getting my beans in other outlets around Vermont and Massachusetts, as well as offering our beans online.”

Precision Valley prides itself in producing small batches and also roasts their beans to order. “My beans are roasted, rested one day and delivered, Aram concluded. “They are probably the freshest beans around unless you are roasting them yourself. I deal with small farms and producers with limited stock, so my offerings vary from month to month, depending on availability and harvest and export. I am also always on the lookout for unusual and hard to find beans.”

Polster is excited about Precision Valley’s progress and continues to gradually grow his small company the right way. “I believe in the concept of a ‘small business’ and realize that staying relatively small is the way to always keep my customers needs as the number-one priority. I also try to stay current with Facebook postings, so check out our Precision Valley Coffee Roasters page to see what we’re am up to and where I will be doing future coffee demos and other events.”

To learn more or place a coffee order, please visit the Precision Valley Coffee website at