The Jock Of Rock Presents: Dystrot

RUTLAND, VERMONT – This installment of The Jock of Rock Presents features Dystrot, a death/thrash-style metal band based in Rutland and formed in 2012 by Angela Champine on lead vocals, Sean Moore on guitar, Gene Lopez on guitar, Mike Paul on bass and Jeff Bixby on drums. The band's true vision is to create extreme, metal music that is not only brutal, but also thought-provoking and emotional.

Article by Joem Milliken, photos courtesy of Dystrot

For the members of Dystrot, being able to say that all the origional members of the band are still together is a great source of pride. “Yes, its a great thing to still have all original members intact,” Dystrot drummer Jeff Bixby said in a recent, Standing Room Only interview. “We all work really well together and frankly, I hope it stays this way... I would want to have to change any of the original members of our band.”

So how did the band orignally come together? Well, in the words of the band, “Too make a long story, short...” The two guitarists of the band, Gene and Sean, were friends and had been jamming together for a while, when one day, drummer Jeff happened to walk into the store where Gene worked while wearing a Cannable Corpse t-shirt. “Gene was like, 'Cannable Corpse is awesome,' Jeff said.

“So, we started talking about metal music and when he asked if I played an instrument an I told him I was a drummer, it just so happened that they had been looking for a drummer! So, we set up a day to jam and then Gene's wife, Angela, decided she wanted to audition to be our vocalist.... an idea that I was in love with, simply because I love woman vocals in metal!” As it turned out, Angela nailed it and along with another friend, Mike on bass, Dystrot was born.

The metal music influences frm each band member has seeped into their own unique sound... as in, they don't like to be pigeon-holed into one particular genre or strand of metal, preferring to create a range of metal styles. Bands such as Revocation, iwrestledabearonce, Skeletonwitch, In this Moment, Straight Line Stitch, Opeth, Machine Head, Killswitch Engange, Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, Shadows Fall and many others, are all influences of Dystrot.

“Truth be told,” Jeff added. “Each member really has their own taste in metal... we all like different genres of metal and I think that really helps Dystrot remain unique, for we all try to put own little twist of metal taste into the music. I feel having Angela as our singer also makes us unique, as there are not a lot of metal bands in our area with a female vocalist.

“Angela is a very talented singer... her highs are clean and crisp and her lows are breathe-taking, which is definitely a crowd shocker and we wouldn't have it any ther way!” Dystrot's live performances are packed with energy and emotion, and they perform all their own songs. “We may bust out a cover some day, but we like to write and perform our own songs, as opossed to doing other bands's stuff,” Jeff said.

The band released a demo titled Arisen in 2013 and are currently working on a new EP titled Ashes I Reign. Both the demo and EP were recorded at Mount Holly Wood Studio in Mount Holly, Vermont, and the current project is being mixed and mastered by Christopher Mack of Mackay Productions in Springfield, Vermont. “We have enough new, original material to head back in to a studio and plan on doing so in the near future.”

Coming on October 4, Dystrot is organizing a metal/rock festival iat the West Hill Dam n Ludlow, Vermont, an all-day metal music event to benefit the Pasco Valente Scholarship Fund. The bands performing include Humdinger & The Bucksnort, Get A Grip, This Time Stars Fall, Fall Of Time, Hamjob, Bitter Nostalgia, The Abberation, Dead Seas, The pretty Corpses, Dont Cross The Streams, Middle Son, Rumors of Betrayal, Element Of The Machine and Earth's Last Breath. “Of course, education is so important and what better reason to bring together a bunch of local metal and rock bands!”

Dystrot will also be performing at their home bar, 3DDD's in Rutland on October 10, before opening a show for national act Dead By Wednesday on November 26 at the Waterfront Tavern in Holyoke, MA. The band is also planning to work on new material and will be taking time throughout the winter to write some new songs.