The Jock of Rock Presents: REIGN

CLAREMONT, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Having merged their talents from several other established area bands, the members of REIGN are ready to rock and looking to create a hard-edged metal-rock sound which takes influences from a variety of current and classic bands; everything from After Bridge, Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack and Drowning Pool, to Rush, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Rage Against The Machine.

Profile by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of REIGN

Featuring Josh Mosher (also Spectris, Kaos, Curst) on vocals, Dale “ddp” Pederson (RoadHouse, 5XWicked, Soul Octane Burner) on guitar and vocals, Doug Searles (5XWicked, Fatalskye) on bass and vocals, Dan Griffith (Soul Octane Burner, 5XWicked) on guitar and vocals and Robbie "Animal" Lowery (RoadHouse, 5XWicked, Mass Attack) on drums and vocals, REIGN is currently shaping their set list, rehearsing vigorously and getting ready to invade the Southern New Hampshire and Vermont club scene.

“We came together in order to perform at my wife’s bachelorette party and it went so well at those initial rehearsals, that we decided to form a band and take it further,” REIGN drummer Robbie Lowery said in a recent interview. “Our sound is a mix of metal and hard rock, with a splash of the classic stuff stirred in.”

Vocalist Josh Mosher, who also plays bass and sings in the progressive/hard rock trio Spectris, is excited about the prospects of this new band. “Rob had asked me if I knew anyone who might want to sing in this one-off show for the party and I said, ‘why not me?’” Mosher said in a recent interview.

“I already knew all the guys, had seen them play in 5xWicked and knew they were skilled players. I was also attracted to the material they were playing, as it has a slightly different feel than Spectris.

“Also, just singing is great... I love playing bass with Spectris, of course, but concentrating on singing with REIGN is liberating! This is more of a metal/hard rock-party vibe with the covers we are choosing to tackle and eventually, we want to work on our own material as well.”

As the band readies to hit the club scene, upcoming live appearances include dates at The Filling Station in White River Junction, Vermont on February 28 and the Imperial Lounge in Claremont, New Hampshire on March 13 and April 24. “We are really excited to introduce this band to the masses,” Lowery added. “This line up is a powerhouse, ready to shake the rafters and do what we do best... rock the audience to its foundation!”

To learn more about REIGN or to book a show, please contact Detonator Productions, LLC at 802.289.2588 or 603.504.8549 or visit