The Jock of Rock Presents: Scott Campbell

Hall of Fame Fiddler, Rockin' Guitarist!

BARRE, VERMONT – Scott Campbell is a unique musician in that along with his skills as a guitarist and studio engineer, he just so happens to be a world-class fiddler and 2005 inductee in the Fiddler’s Hall of Fame! But more on those accomplishments later...

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos one and four by Joe Milliken, photos two and three courtesy of Scott Campbell

Originally from Barre, Scott was always around music as his father was a concert violinist from a young age. So naturally, Scott also became interested in the instrument and by the age of ten, was also being introduced to traditional, old-time fiddle music at the same time his father was being exposed to the genre.

“We both took a liking to it and my father started learning some of the tunes he was being exposed to... so I took one of his violins, taught myself how to play it and would learn many fiddle tunes over the next couple of years,” Campbell said in a recent Standing Room Only interview.

“I was influenced by great fiddlers such as Graham Townsend, Don Messer, Al Cherney, Paul Menard and Jean Luc Ponte, but when I was about age 13... I didn’t think that my peers thought the fiddle was cool, so I taught myself how to play guitar and was playing in club bands within a year. Some of my rock influences included Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Doobie Brothers, Boston and Van Halen.

Scott has played in numerous bands over the years as a guitarist, fiddle player or both, as well as some bass guitar. He’s played in rock bands, country bands and country-rock bands, as well as many solo performances as a fiddler. However, we won’t allow Scott to be so modest and will mention that he is also a 15-time junior fiddler champion, 64-time open fiddler champion and 2005 inductee into the National Fiddler’s Hall of Fame! Not to mention being one heck of a guitar player as well.

"I had the pleasure of playing with Scott in a version of The Davis Brothers Band maybe ten years ago, local drummer Jeff Costello said in a recent interview. Costello is a veteran local musician and drums for the Southern New Hampshire band Hug The Dog. "He was brought in and I was wowed by his skill and versatility... Scott can play anything and really lit up the stage when he ripped on his fiddle!"

“Then, in the late 1990’s I went on a writing frenzy, composing over 100 fiddle tunes and other songs of different genres,” Scott said. “When I create my fiddle music I like to fuse traditional style with classical and rock, creating an entirely fresh, new sound... I released three albums on CD of my original fiddle music between 2000 and 2007.”

In 2005, Scott started creating his own “experimental recordings” and began accumulating and upgrading his recording equipment as to create a cozy home studio dubbed Windy Hill Studio. “I reside on a hill where it is always windy, hence the name,” Scott said. “I started out by recording my own music and collaborating with various musicians around the globe! I don’t really advertise my studio services. All of my work comes in via word of mouth.”

A few artists that Scott has produced CDs for include Melanie Altman of Nova Scotia; Colleen Perry of Longmeadow, MA; two albums for Sarah Michel of Holyoke, MA; and two albums for Andre Vachon of Canada. “I also recorded and mastered a live album for the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra last summer, as well as a seven-song collection for the Steel Horse Band and some tracks for Randy Smith and His Band of Merry Men featuring Smith, Roy Brown, Rich Abel, Gary Spaulding and Keith DaSilva.”

"Scott is simply fearless and transitions with ease," Roy Brown said in a recent interview. "He is multi-talented... plays keys and bass as well. Scott's also quite humorous and always compliments his band mates."

Randy Smith: "Performing with Scott is always a pleasure... the texture and color that his violin playing adds to my songs provides both support and contrast. He has an excellent ear and commits himself to bringing something of value to a song. I can't imagine performing my music with the Merry Men without him. He really made songs come alive.

"What's even more important is that he's an excellent human being, kind and caring. I think it's this character trait that often shows through in his performance. He's a dedicated player and it's an honor to share the stage with him."

Campbell is currently working with friend and local musician Brian Koppenhaver on his debut CD and a few other collaborative projects as well. “Scott has taken my songs and added a whole new dimension to them,” Brian Koppenhaver said. “He has certainly helped me grow as a musician and given me great insight in the aspects of recording in a studio setting. His guitar skills blow my mind and as a fiddle player he is second to none! Scott is also blessed with the gift of perfect pitch so he can play almost anything you put in front of him and play it well.

Scott also recently became an official sponsor of our Standing Room Only website and is always ready to take on a new project. To learn more about musician/producer Scott Campbell and his Windy Hill Studio, visit his website at