The Jock of Rock Presents: The Vintage Rock of Steiner Youth

KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Meet Steiner Youth, a seven-piece, Southern New Hampshire band formed about a year ago, that cranks out a blend of classic, punk and progressive rock. It may sound like an oxymoron - youth plays classic rock - but if your heart is in the right place, that's surely all that matters. The band features Taylor Viles on lead vocals, Zach Dafeldefer on lead guitar and backing vocals, Griffin Temple on lead vocals, Cedar Gadbois on drums and percussion, Ben Galligher on rhythm guitar, Cy Willingston on bass and Tyler Bell on piano and keyboards.

Article by Joe Milliken * Photo courtesy of Steiner Youth

Although not all the guys always went to the same school, they all previously knew each other and in September of 2015 they all indeed, wound up in the same school and soon discovered that they all shared an interest in the same genre of music. Then, after someone suggested they start a band, the guys thought it was a great idea and started playing the music they all loved.

“Being in the same school, really gave us all new opportunities to connect and after we started playing together for fun in the fall, within a few months we were really jamming and then playing out in Keene,” Zach Dafeldefer said in a recent SRO interview. “A few places we've played so far include the Co-op, Good Fortune and Local Burger in Keene, the Waldorf Middle and High Schools and we recently opened up a show for Blackjack Crossing at the Mole Hill Theater in Alstead.”

The band plays mostly cover songs as they continue to hone their chops, cranking up songs by such iconic bands as Rush, The Who, Ramones and Elvis, but are also working on some original material as well. “Our original material is still a work in progress, and everyone in the band contributes riffs and lyrics as we continue to build the songs,” Dafeldefer added. “We've played one of our original songs at a few gigs so far and hopefully, over the next few months we will have enough material put together and rehearsed to possibly record an EP down the road.”

Steiner Youth is currently lining up more summer and fall gigs and you can check out their Facebook page, ( as well as Standing Room Only to learn more about the band and to catch an upcoming show! File this one under “Youth on the rise!”