CD Review: The Veitch Boys EP

So, find yourself a woody... find yourself a surfboard, because you're about to be taken back in time. An artist from Bellows Falls, Vermont, The Veitch Boys EP is released by Michael Veitch and will take you back to the feeling of the surf music craze of the 60s, which now has a genre name of Trop rock.

Review by Brian Koppenhager

Michael has a long history in this area as a songwriter, has written hundreds of songs released Americana CDs such as Postcards From Vermont Volume 1, Painted Heart, Heartland and now, The Veitch Boys EP... he was invited to perform at the Newport Folk Festival 2001 and also wrote a song, "Veterans Day,” recorded by Judy Collins in a duet with Kenny White.

The EP opens with a very surf music-type song called “Drive,” featuring great harmonies and that Beach Boys sound in the vocal style.

The song takes you back to a simpler time... while you listen to the song you can almost hear the waves crashing on the beach and it definitely has a Southern California feeling to it. This reviewer lived there for seven years and it no doubt, puts me right back to that time in my life.

Next up we have the song “Together," a toe-tapping number that makes you dance around in your seat and smile... just a feel-good song with that 60s romance feel. "Close To The Flame" is the next track, a slow ballad with a slightly serious story, yet it has that "grab your girlfriend and pull her in tight as the moonlight shines on the waves" feel to it.

Next up is "August Nights," another great tune that give you that "end of summer feeling." Michael has a way of expressing himself and painting a picture with words that is truly enjoyable listening. With each song, he finds a unique way to convey a message and a certain vibe.

The next song, titled "My Old Car," is a reflective tune with a light feeling, that tells a story of how people change as we age... yet in our hearts we somehow remain the same. The final track is called “Perfect Day," another Beach Boys-sounding song that reminds me of sunsets shining on the water as the sun settles over the horizon.

The EP features Michael Veitch on guitars, keys, bass and drums, Eric Parker on drums and percussion, Kyle Esposito on bass, Madeline Veitch on vocals. While the "My Old Car" features Michael on guitar and vocals, Pete Levin on keyboards , Mark Dann bass, Jerry Marotta on vocals and Bruce Milner on vocals.

All-in-all, this EP was truly a joy to listen to and from what I've gathered from the liner notes, there will also be a full album coming out in the near future. The Vietch Boys EP is available on in download form.