CD Review: Pink Floyd's "The Endless River"

Pink Floyd is one of those bands that has left it's profound mark on so many. Their swan song release, The Endless River, is a gentle goodbye to those who shared their "real-time" timeline. There are a couple of pieces that are more up-tempo, but mainly it's a melancholy journey for the listener - and clearly the creators.

Review by Christopher Bergmann

David Gilmour and Nick Mason are saying their goodbyes to their late band mate, keyboardist Richard Wright, the best way they can, by using a large amount of the experimental material recorded at the same time they wrote and recorded 1994's The Division Bell. All of the music is full of beautiful - albeit mellow - Wright passages, augmented mostly within the last year and a half by the two remaining members, along with Mr. Wright's son in law, bassist Guy Pratt, and a few other recognizable players from the day.

For those looking for something that resembles the Roger Waters period albums - you are not going to find it - although there are subtle samples placed throughout. At one point, you hear the emotional strings from a "Comfortably Numb" drift by, no doubt a nod to a time when the four members worked together creating some of the most important music of all time.

Standout tracks include "Allonsy," an almost "Run Like Hell/Take It Back" rocker and "Louder Than Words," the only song featuring lead vocals/lyrics by Mr. Gilmour's wife, Polly Samson. In the end, The Endless River is a warm farewell for all of us who Pink Floyd's music touched over the course of a lifetime.

The deluxe package is beautiful and interestingly tactile, much in the mood of the music - soft to the touch. The blu-ray audio is mastered to perfection and contains the album mixed in stereo and 5.1 surround, some bonus music and best of all, several very cool video recordings of original sessions from 1993 with camera perched nicely over Rick Wright's shoulder. A hardback book of pictures and three postcards round out the package along with the stereo CD.

To this reviewer, The Endless River is an emotional experience that walks the logical final steps in the career of Pink Floyd - as it was and is with all the best Pink Floyd albums, you'll want to settle in, remove all distractions and let yourself be taken to a place where time runs slow, where farewell doesn't necessarily mean goodbye, where we can all look back and see the beautiful parts of our lives together.