CD Review: Johnny Pisano's Punk Rock Pizzeria: Everybody Gets A Slice

Johnny Pisano has spent the past decade and a half being a loyal sideman/band leader to many of the most influential rockers and poets that have emerged from the side walks and back alleys of New York City. Like his fellow Italian American, Silvio Dante, Pisano has always been a good lieutenant.

Review by Gary Borress

However, it’s obvious he has learned how to be the boss, as one listen to his debut solo album with show you. Recorded under the moniker Johnny’s Pisano’s Punk Rock Pizzeria, Everybody Gets A Slice, is chock full of gritty rock with a host of varied and ear pleasing musical toppings.

The record kicks off with the speedy rocker "The Know It Alls" and while we don’t know everything, we get a sense Pisano knows how to get the party started. The nine tracks motor along with hints of Green Day, The Replacements and The Foo Fighters, that is if they were from Little Italy on New York City’s lower east side.

The stand out track is "The Streets of Sao Paulo", which rocks ferociously but never loses the infectious melody of the song. You can’t forget about it. The album is certainly a strong debut from a musical veteran that deserves a space in your library.