CD Review: Dante Tomaselli's "Out-Of-Body Experience"

The multi-talented Dante Tomaselli is a director, writer, producer and score-composer of all things horror, and with his latest CD release of electronica titled Out-of-Body Experience, he detaches your conscious mind from reality and sends it spiraling into an alternate state of scary-sensory ambiance. Fasten your seat belts!

Review by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of Dante Tomaselli

Best known for his terrifying, spell-binding horror movies such as Desecration (1999), Horror (2002), Satan’s Playground (2006), and Torture Chamber (2012), the Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, N.Y.) and New York School of Visual Arts graduate not only delves into the visual macabre with his films, but the relative moods of “evil-audio” as well, with previous CD releases including Scream In The Dark (2014), The Doll (2014), Nightmare (2015), and Witches (2017).

With Out-Of-Body Experience, his dark, synthesized compositions such as “The Pit,” “Death Ship,” “The Gate,” “The Snake,” ‘Scorpio Rising” and this reviewer’s favorite, “Door To Hell,” Tomaselli takes the listener on a trance-like journey through the darkest corridors of your soul and spirit. Each track reveals its own array of spooky screams, chilling laughter, atmospheric effects, and droning-yet-melodic tones that sound like cold, subterranean nightmares-meet-The Cure!

A self-proclaimed, semi-autobiographical escape-hatch from his youth into a fantasy psyche, one can only hope these tracks become the soundtrack for more of Tomaselli’s cinematic surrealism. The cover art was created by UK painter, Simon Pritchard, with the goal of having the cover conjure up the sensation of having your life flash before your eyes.

Originally released by Amazon Digital Services on July 4 and available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and Google Play, Out-Of-Body Experience (17 tracks in all) is a trance-like undertaking that will no doubt, leave you if not floating in your mind, wondering if you should turn on your bedroom light, just to make sure. To learn more, visit the horrifying world of Dante Tomaselli at