CD Review: Roland Pearsall's "Sell Your Soul"

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - Roland Pearsall is a Boston-based singer/song writer who combines elements of roots and garage-rock, folk and blues, psychedelia and the British Invasion... and poured it all into a melding pot to produce his first full-length CD release titled Sell Your Soul.

Review by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of Roland Pearsall

Featuring 13 original songs by Pearsall, he also plays virtually everything, including acoustic and electric guitars, organ, piano, harpsichord, harmonica, bass and drums. Roland also recorded and mixed the songs himself.

His influences combine elements of not only the music of the 50's, 60's and 70's, but also contemporary talents such as Ben Harper and the Black Keys. The songs on Sell Your Soul reflect this diversity, ranging from the garage-rocking punch of "Next To You" and the punk-blues of "Riding On," to the psychedelic-vibes of "In The Night" and the lighter, acoustic-folk of "The Way That I've Come."

Roland's versatility shines through clearly, as he successfully takes all these aforementioned influences and seemingly effortlessly blends them into his own unique treatment on his originals... is that even possible? I'm not sure, but that's what I just felt listening to these songs and I always go with what my gut tells me.

However, the feelings I just tried to relay should, at the very least, indicate that the songs on Sell Your Soul evoke interest and ideas and opinions... Pearsall's ability to use his influences as a platform to convey his songs is creative and original, not contrived or pigeon-holed. A great accomplishment that leaves this review curious as to what Roland might be doing next... we'll keep you posted!

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