Concert Review: Kasim Sulton Live at Hotel Utah in San Francisco

Also featuring Bill Spooner of The Tubes

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - A great song is one that drives people other than the author to perform it. A great song writer is one who gets you to drop out of your world and live, even if it is only for three minutes, in the world of the song. A great performer whisks you away into a time and place directed by the songs he or she decide to perform.

Review by Camden Barbour * Courtesy Photos

In June a select few of a select audience were in attendance to witness Kasim Sulton’s first ever solo performance in San Francisco at the Hotel Utah, a very small club in the heart of San Francisco. Kasim invited legendary Bill Spooner to do the opening set of songs and Kasim completed the second set.

Kasim has played in San Francisco many times with Todd Rundgren and Blue Oyster Cult, but the chance to see this amazing performer and his million-dollar smile less than 20 feet away... was an opportunity for which the fans lined up early.

For those who don’t know, Kasim is a musician employed to play bass, guitar, keyboards and sing like an angel. Kasim has appeared on albums by Meat Loaf, Utopia, Joan Jett, Indigo Girls, Patty Smith, Steve Hillage, Tom Robinson Band, Rick Derringer and Shaun Cassidy.

Obviously when you bring a great performer together with great songs you are sure to be in for a wonderful evening of entertainment and Kasim didn’t disappoint. He sang without flaw, he charmed the pants off the audience and gave the painting I am sure he has hidden somewhere, another go ‘round the sun. He sparkled as he moved between the guitar and singing, to the piano and singing and back again. He worked the crowd like we were his best friends.

And at the Hotel Utah, Kasim had friends both on stage and in the audience. There were celebrities as well as life long fans in attendance. Dave Mead from the Tubes and author/musician Paul Myers were spotted. In fact, Mr. Myers was later brought up on stage to close out with, “One World”....oh yeah.

The master performer singing the song of a matchless song writer is bound to be pure excitement on the stage. In our case at the Hotel Utah, Kasim proved it to be true. He rendered his own songs with an energy that would fill a stadium, his covers were equally his possessions.

Bill Spooner is a songwriter and performer with his own history that reaches back five decades. Mr. Spooner has his own song portfolio which includes FM radio hits and personal love songs. Bill’s previous bands are numerous but include the Beans, the Sponge Mummies, The Folk Ups and the Tubes.

Tonight one after another, Bill and Kasim brought their magical combination of performer, songwriter and entertainment to the stage at the Hotel Utah.

Both Kasim and Bill were in bands that include Prairie Prince, the tippy-top shelf drummer who, as a musician, has worked from B to X (Tommy Bolin - XTC). Both Kasim and Bill asked their bandmate to accompany them, individually and together, on some very amazing songs. Amazing songs that anyone would want to sing.

The set lists:
Bill Spooner
Hold on
Strung out on strings
Right now
Golden boy
Sandman / with Prairie
Attack of the 50 foot woman / with Prairie
Whistle Up a Rainbow
All right
The stories we could tell
Naked in the window
Medley - Up from the deep / boy crazy / what do you want from life / white punks on dope / plus Geezers Rock

Kasim Sulton
God of Low
15 minutes
Too much on her mind / with Bill & Prairie
Set me free / + Bill & Prairie
There goes my inspiration
Watching the world go by
Maybe I could change
The Clocks all stopped
Before she was gone
The one sure thing
Fade Away
Fell in love for the last time
One world / Prairie and Paul Myers

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