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Welcome To The Unique And Soulful World of Kim Logan's Psychedelic Swamp Rock

NASHVILLE – After careful thought, seemingly the best way for this writer to describe Kim Logan is “entertainer,” for she wears many hats: songwriter and vocalist, recording musician, opera singer, poet and performance artist. Her music is unique, layered, mystic and sometimes spooky, combining elements of rock, soul, blues, psychedelic, classical and pop.

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of Kim Logan

Originally from the west coast of Florida, Kim’s early music influences varied. Her love for the “rock-and-roll royalty” of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Beatles and Aerosmith, ultimately pushed her deeper into the soul and blues influences such as Blind Willie Johnson, Skip James, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, and Bonnie Raitt. Additionally, classical music was always a part of the equation for Kim as well… Mozart, Vivaldi, Saint-Saens, and Puccini’s operas.

East Meets West! Japanese bassist, Amito Hoshimo, Joins Forces With Vermont's Joey Leone

NEW YORK CITY – Let's meet Amito Hoshino, an up-and-coming bassist originally from Japan and now residing in New York City, is quickly becoming a go-to-bassist in the diverse and competitive music scene that is “the city that never sleeps.” And the word is spreading, as our friend and local bad-ass-axeman, Joey Leone, is now understanding and utilizing. But more on that later...

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of Amito Hoshino

Born in Tokyo in 1995, Amito started playing bass at 14 and quickly channelled his influences – which include Billy Sheehan, Scott LaFaro, Jeff Andrews and the late-legend, Jaco Pastorius – into his craft, and by 17, was performing live before huge audiences in his native Japan. So, how did this young musician originally find his way to the almighty bass guitar? “At 14, I hadn't really found a direction in life yet,” Amito Hoshino said in a recent SRO interview.

The Jock of Rock Presents: The Vintage Rock of Steiner Youth

KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Meet Steiner Youth, a seven-piece, Southern New Hampshire band formed about a year ago, that cranks out a blend of classic, punk and progressive rock. It may sound like an oxymoron - youth plays classic rock - but if your heart is in the right place, that's surely all that matters. The band features Taylor Viles on lead vocals, Zach Dafeldefer on lead guitar and backing vocals, Griffin Temple on lead vocals, Cedar Gadbois on drums and percussion, Ben Galligher on rhythm guitar, Cy Willingston on bass and Tyler Bell on piano and keyboards.

Article by Joe Milliken * Photo courtesy of Steiner Youth

Although not all the guys always went to the same school, they all previously knew each other and in September of 2015 they all indeed, wound up in the same school and soon discovered that they all shared an interest in the same genre of music. Then, after someone suggested they start a band, the guys thought it was a great idea and started playing the music they all loved.

The Road Trash Band Releases New CD, Hosts Release Party

WINDSOR, VERMONT – Hailing from scenic Windsor, the birthplace of Vermont, The RoadTrash Band is a gritty blend of “rock, cowpunk and thunderboogie”... a stripped-down, vintage style of rock-and-roll that will leave you stomping your feet and wanting more! The RoadTrash Band was formed in 2012 by drummer-turned-front-man Dan Blaise (vocals and guitars) and also features Bernie Moss, (one of this writer's favorite local guitarists) Seth Howard on bass and vocals and Levi Howard on drums.

Article by * Photos courtesy of The RoadTrash Band

The band set out to not only create original songs, but to also take old-school Country songs and interject them with their own cow-punk-rocking stylings. This cross-genre, if you will, is what the band interprets as “Cowpunk and Thunderboogie,” which really shines through in their greuling live performances.

The Jock of Rock Presents: Scott Campbell

Hall of Fame Fiddler, Rockin' Guitarist!

BARRE, VERMONT – Scott Campbell is a unique musician in that along with his skills as a guitarist and studio engineer, he just so happens to be a world-class fiddler and 2005 inductee in the Fiddler’s Hall of Fame! But more on those accomplishments later...

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos one and four by Joe Milliken, photos two and three courtesy of Scott Campbell

Originally from Barre, Scott was always around music as his father was a concert violinist from a young age. So naturally, Scott also became interested in the instrument and by the age of ten, was also being introduced to traditional, old-time fiddle music at the same time his father was being exposed to the genre.

The Jock of Rock Presents: Winterpills

NORTHAMPTON, MASSACUSETTS – Winterpills has been a mainstay in the Northamptom indie-rock scene going back to 2003 and have developed quite a loyal following over the last decade-plus. Featuring Philip Price on guitars and vocals, Flora Reed on keyboards, guitar and vocals, Dennis Crommett on guitars and lap steel, Dave Hower on drums and percussion and Max Germer on bass, the band released their self-titled debut CD in 2005 on the Signature Sounds label also based in Northampton.

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of Winterpills

“The band formed very casually out of a group of friends who knew each other from the Northampton music scene,” Winterpills’ Flora Reed said in a recent, Standing Room Only interview. “Dennis and I were both big fans of Philip's previous band, The Maggies and we all began hanging out a lot more that winter of 2004...and we would always end up back at Dennis' house after the bars closed to swap cover songs. Gradually, Philip's songs entered the mix and the band was born.”

The Jock of Rock Presents: REIGN

CLAREMONT, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Having merged their talents from several other established area bands, the members of REIGN are ready to rock and looking to create a hard-edged metal-rock sound which takes influences from a variety of current and classic bands; everything from After Bridge, Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack and Drowning Pool, to Rush, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Rage Against The Machine.

Profile by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of REIGN

Featuring Josh Mosher (also Spectris, Kaos, Curst) on vocals, Dale “ddp” Pederson (RoadHouse, 5XWicked, Soul Octane Burner) on guitar and vocals, Doug Searles (5XWicked, Fatalskye) on bass and vocals, Dan Griffith (Soul Octane Burner, 5XWicked) on guitar and vocals and Robbie "Animal" Lowery (RoadHouse, 5XWicked, Mass Attack) on drums and vocals, REIGN is currently shaping their set list, rehearsing vigorously and getting ready to invade the Southern New Hampshire and Vermont club scene.

The Jock Of Rock Presents: Dystrot

RUTLAND, VERMONT – This installment of The Jock of Rock Presents features Dystrot, a death/thrash-style metal band based in Rutland and formed in 2012 by Angela Champine on lead vocals, Sean Moore on guitar, Gene Lopez on guitar, Mike Paul on bass and Jeff Bixby on drums. The band's true vision is to create extreme, metal music that is not only brutal, but also thought-provoking and emotional.

Article by Joem Milliken, photos courtesy of Dystrot

For the members of Dystrot, being able to say that all the origional members of the band are still together is a great source of pride. “Yes, its a great thing to still have all original members intact,” Dystrot drummer Jeff Bixby said in a recent, Standing Room Only interview. “We all work really well together and frankly, I hope it stays this way... I would want to have to change any of the original members of our band.”

The Jock of Rock Presents: Hug The Dog

DUBLIN, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Based in Southern New Hampshire and formed as a duo in 2012 by guitarist/vocalist Wes Aldrich and drummer Garth Tichy, Hug The Dog grew to a five-piece band the following year which now includes Aldrich on guitar and vocals, Jeff Costello on drums and backing vocals, Sareth Rouen on bass, Leslie Sheldon on keyboards and Whit Shonk on guitar.

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of Hug The Dog

“Originally, we focused on synths and loops to create a bigger sound, but being a two-man band, we were always looking to build our rhythm section,” Wes Aldrich said in a recent, exclusive Standing Room Only interview. “Then, Sareth Roeun joined us on bass and that really helped our songs evolve. When Garth moved on from the band in 2013, Jeff Costello joined on drums and shortly thereafter, Whit on guitar and Leslie on keys.”

The Jock of Rock Presents: The Snaz!

BRATTLEBORO, VERMONT – There is a very young... no, let’s say “fresh, new” indie-rock band emerging from Brattleboro, Vermont that deserves some attention... and they’re starting to get it, having already been featured on Vermont Public Radio’s Digital VPR,” won a local “Brattleboro Battle of the Bands” contest and are getting ready to play a show at the very cool Tupelo Music Hall in White River Junction.

Article by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of The Snaz

Not a bad start for a band that got together in the fall of 2011 and features members all under the age of 17. So, let’s meet The Snaz, four friends all living in Southern Vermont; Dharma Ramirez (16, singer, guitarist and main songwriter) and Mavis Eaton (16, keyboardist) both attend Brattleboro Union High School, Zach James (13, drummer) attends the Montessori School in Brattleboro and Nina Singleton-Spencer (15, bass) goes to the Compass School in Bellows Falls.

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