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Killington, Vermont's Resident Guitar Legend: Joey Leone

KILLINGTON, VERMONT – The first time I saw Joey Leone perform live was at a local awards show in 2011 and I remember walking away quite impressed with his guitar work and stage presence. But that was nothing compared to the second time I saw him perform the following year alongside my guitar idol, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, at a benefit show to raise funds after Tropical Storm Irene in 2011.

Article by Joe Milliken * Photo one courtesy of Joey Leone, Photos two (Cider Magazine Awards) and three (live with Joe Perry) by Joe Milliken

I was in the front row as Joey, his band the Chop Shop and Mr. Perry proceeded to blow the roof off this elegant little theatre in Woodstock, Vermont. But I digress…

Leone has been a staple in the Killington area and beyond for two decades and has played countless concerts and benefit shows along the way. Not to mention rocking with his band and other guest spots five nights a week during the busy season. Yes, Joey is a busy man around these parts, though he is not a native-Vermonter.

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