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Concert Review: Carl Palmer's "ELP Legacy Tour"

Live at The Bull Run Restaurant, Shirley, Ma. 5/26/17

SHIRLEY, MASSACHUSETTES – In the mid-80's, this fan had the opportunity to see ELP in concert. However, the line-up was Emerson, Lake & Powell, not the original drummer, Carl Palmer. (Cozy Powell was great! R.I.P.) Now, 30-plus years later, I recently had the opportunity to see Mr. Palmer fronting his own power trio, performing versions of the classic ELP catalog and dubbing the project “Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy Tour.”

Review and photos by Joe Milliken

From our front row table, stage-left, at the Bull Run Restaurant, we had a great side view as Palmer and his band-mates, Paul Bielatowicz on guitar, and Simon Fitzpatrick on bass and Chapman Stick, proceeded to absolutely shred apart, and then reconstruct, (in such a great way) classic Emerson, Lake & Palmer songs. In the process, I might add, practically blowing our heads off (with the occasional, quieter ambient flourish, of course) for over two hours!

CD Review: "Max's Kansas City 1976 and Beyond"

NEW YORK CITY - The Max's Kansas City 1976 album was originally released (in 1976, of course) in order to promote all the cool punk music that was happening at Max's and in the clubs of New York City. And now, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of it's release, Peter Crowley, the original booking manager at Max's Kansas City, has teamed up with Jungle Records to re-release an expansive version of this punk-rock treasure.

Review by Joe Milliken * Photos: 1. New 40th Anniversary expanded edition 2. Original "Max's Kansas City 1976" album release.

In it's prime, Max's (along with CBGB's) was the hip place to be in the mid-70's for the best in New York City punk and glam rock, and when the new music director, Crowley, took over the music bookings at Max's in the mid-70's, he collaborated with the club owner to release the 10-track album (a later, CD version featured 14 tracks) to promote the music happenings at Max's.

CD Review: New England Live at The Regent Theatre

It's not everyday one gets to review the live-CD release, of a show that they actually attended. In this case, however, I was lucky enough to be sitting in the second row for a show performed in August of 2014, by the classic AOR band, ("album orientated rock") New England, at the elegant Regent Theatre in the Boston suburb of Arlington, Massachusetts. However, what made this particular show even more special, was that New England was performing on that night, their first full-on concert together since 1983.

Review and photos by Joe Milliken

Featuring front-man John Fannon on guitar and lead vocals, Jimmy Waldo on keyboards and vocals, Hirsh Gardner on drums and vocals, and Gary Shea on bass and vocals, New England originally burst onto the rock music scene in 1978, with a self-titled album and a Top 40 hit, “Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya.” The sudden success spurred tours all over North America, opening shows for such high-profile bands of the day as Kiss, Rush, Boston and Styx.

CD Review: Johnny Pisano's Punk Rock Pizzeria: Everybody Gets A Slice

Johnny Pisano has spent the past decade and a half being a loyal sideman/band leader to many of the most influential rockers and poets that have emerged from the side walks and back alleys of New York City. Like his fellow Italian American, Silvio Dante, Pisano has always been a good lieutenant.

Review by Gary Borress

However, it’s obvious he has learned how to be the boss, as one listen to his debut solo album with show you. Recorded under the moniker Johnny’s Pisano’s Punk Rock Pizzeria, Everybody Gets A Slice, is chock full of gritty rock with a host of varied and ear pleasing musical toppings.

CD/Blu-Ray Review: King Crimson's "Radical Action to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind"

King Crimson’s new live release, Radical Action to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind, is more than a concert, it’s an up-close and personal experience. For the first time since King Crimson's early 70's "Mark III" line up, (Robert Fripp, Bill Bruford, John Wetton and David Cross) Sir Robert can finally be seen in full lighting and it’s truly a sight to behold.

Unlike past tours and connected live releases on DVD, where Fripp was only seen in silhouette, we can now finally watch the master's hands as he delivers a powerhouse performance. Along with of course, the newest incarnation of King Crimson featuring Jakko Jakksyk, Tony Levin, Mel Collins and the three-drum attack of Pat Mastellotto, Bill Rieflin (who also plays keyboards) and Gavin Harrison.

Review by Christopher Bergmann

They are a truly impressive orchestra - as Fripp himself said in a recent video from his website - don’t compare this band to other Crimson line ups but instead, focus on the reference it creates within the entire King Crimson live history. This is not the "flying by the seat of your pants" King Crimson of old, but there are also some "golden moments" where you’re just not sure if they’ll come back together after veering off into a classic, free-form jam... but of course, they do!

CD Review: Dave Keller's “Right Back Atcha”

Vermont R&B/soul/blues artist, Dave Keller, releases a new full-length CD titled Right Back Atcha, the follow up to his critically-acclaimed 2013 release Soul Changes. The new disc, which offers 11 original tracks plus one cover song, also features Dave's long-time touring band (plus a few other guests) accompanying him in the studio for essentially, the first time in a decade.

Review by Joe Milliken

Created over a 10-month period and recorded at Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering in Charlotte, Vermont, Right Back Atcha runs a gamut of styles and emotions throughout the proceedings, beginning with the opening track, a cover of soul-man Willie Clayton's “It's Time You Made Up Your Mind.” Originally written by soul songwriter greats Darryl Carter, Earl Randle and Don Bryant, this is a horn-infused R&B gem that certainly sets the table nicely for Keller's soulful originals.

Concert Review: Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Of Mice and Men, Live at SPAC

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK - Saratoga Springs, New York is probably not the first place one associates with heavy metal music, with its vast history of horse racing and luxury homes, the area is more known for its upper class, high brow visitors and activities. True, the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) has hosted musical acts from all genres since its opening in 1966. This writer as seen everyone from Sting to Lynyrd Skynyrd at the venue and has rarely been disappointed.

Review by John Yake

I couldn't help but find it ironic that Marilyn Manson and Slipknot, two of the heaviest, most brutal acts currently touring would be performing on a picture-perfect summer evening, while nearby, horse racing enthusiasts, clad in top hats and tuxedos were dining on caviar and oysters.

Book Review: Life Behind Bars, Stories and Encounters: Vignettes Over Cocktails

Books One & Two, By Kyle Branche

Los Angeles, California – Kyle Branche is surely an interesting (and very busy) character; entrepreneur, writer, author, extreme music enthusiast and above all else, a story-telling, name-dropping, elbow-rubbing professional and private bar tender with over 30 years of experiences and vignettes to tell! Yes, Kyle can realistically be labelled as “L.A.'s professional bartender to the stars.”

Review by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of Kyle Branche

Originally from Sackets Harbor, a village off the edge of Lake Ontario in Upstate New York, Kyle would move west to Phoenix, before ultimately landing in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, where he launched his journey in the bartending and beverage industry.

Concert Review: Legendary Entertainer Leon Russell Performs at Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA - It seems that Dolly Parton is credited with writing nearly every song in the world. Some of them you know from the radio and movies, some you hum on a crowded elevator. Leon Russell is just like Dolly Parton in that they both have more than just two big hits... and there he was, at the Mystic Theater, in Petaluma, California... Leon Russell, with the assistance of a cane in his left hand, strolled out to the glowing white grand piano set slightly off center stage; his familiar hat on top of his head tilted slightly forward.

Review and photos by Cmaden Barbour

However, I could see his eyes as he surveyed the audience and he looked to me, to be sizing us up for trouble. It occurred to me I might not want to be standing on his lawn uninvited. His long white hair flowed over his shoulders, his white beard ended in a thin layer over his chest.

CD Review: Roland Pearsall's "Sell Your Soul"

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - Roland Pearsall is a Boston-based singer/song writer who combines elements of roots and garage-rock, folk and blues, psychedelia and the British Invasion... and poured it all into a melding pot to produce his first full-length CD release titled Sell Your Soul.

Review by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of Roland Pearsall

Featuring 13 original songs by Pearsall, he also plays virtually everything, including acoustic and electric guitars, organ, piano, harpsichord, harmonica, bass and drums. Roland also recorded and mixed the songs himself.

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