Donna Neale

Contributing Writer, Public Relations, Proof Reader

“Growing up in the 80s, I spent hours on my bed listening to music and scribbling in my journal. It’s no surprise to me that thirty years later, I am still doing the same thing.”

Donna Neale is a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom, originally from the Seattle, Washington, area. In those seasons between teenager and today, Donna earned a degree in finance and economics from Eastern Washington University, and spent several years working her way up in the banking industry. When she and her husband decided to start a family, she dedicated her time to raising and homeschooling her four children in the wilds of North Idaho. Donna is also an avid reader, a research nerd, and a long distance runner.

While she spends the majority of her free time researching and writing about her favorite group, the 80s rock band, The Cars, Donna loves immersing herself in the stories and music of artists across the board. “I try not to limit myself to specific genres. I find what is pleasing to my ears and follow it.” Her playlist includes such diverse artists as Neil Diamond, Avicii, Charlie Farren, Earth Wind & Fire, Metallica, Mark Anthony... and a little Raffi thrown in for good measure.

With her youngest now on the cusp of being a teen, Donna is focusing more attention on those early hobbies she enjoyed so much, and she has not lost her love of great music. She currently writes a blog about The Cars, and co-hosts a podcast dedicated to them as well. She will be contributing to SRO by way of music and book reviews, feature articles on a variety of rock-and-roll topics, and the columns section.

Editor's Note: Through her valuable proofreading skills, Donna will also be making sure this Publisher/Editor's articles stay in line!