Erik "Gunmetal" Becker

Contributing Writer - Northern New Hampshire & Vermont, Metal Music

Erik “Gunmetal” Becker is a metal singer/promoter/music journalist from Northern New Hampshire, as well as a community activist working to promote and grow his area’s music scene and beyond.

Gunmetal is the founder of Small Town Loud: Gunmetal Productions, a music promotions endeavor geared toward organizing and promoting music events in and around the Lancaster, New Hampshire-area where he currently resides. Becker is also lead vocalist for the Lancaster-based metal band TH13RTEEN YEARS.

“I grew up around here and most of the shows I was going to were in basements or where ever they could happen, so it can be tough sometimes for bands to play out, especially young musicians who cannot yet play in a club. So, I started Small Town Loud in 2011 in order to organize shows so local bands could have the opportunity to play out and be heard.” Visit Small Town Loud at

SRO is excited to have Gunmetal joining our editorial team as a contributing writer and will be covering the metal, punk and hard rock scene in the New Hampshire and surrounding areas. Watch for his SRO exclusive column we’ve dubbed Small Town Loud’s Metal Edge