Chad Hollister Band Reloads: Armed And Ready With New Band Additions, Latest Single

WORCESTER, VERMONT – Chad Hollister is back and better than ever! Well, not that he ever went anywhere but you get the idea. He’s better than ever sporting a souped-up, nine-piece Chad Hollister Band (CHB) line up which now features a hot, three-piece horn section and a cool percussionist that certainly adds a new dimension to the band’s sound and live performance. Add the facts that Chad is currently promoting his latest single, ”Breathe,” and consistently touring throughout the Northeast and beyond... well, let’s just say, Mr. Hollister is keeping himself quite busy since the last time this writer interviewed him some six months ago, thank you very much.

Article by Joe Milliken * Lead Photo courtesy of Chad Hollister, concert photos by Joe Milliken

“For me music is truly a gift, so I choose to do it my way,” Chad Hollister stated in a recent, exclusive interview with Standing Room Only. “Too many people get angry about what they are doing in life and it really doesn’t have to be that way. Everyone has a gift... so go out there, find your gift and do it!” Yes, and Chad has been sharing quite a bit of his gift as of late, playing several dates throughout Vermont and beyond, while also promoting the aforementioned new single. Of course, this is simply a continuation of what Hollister has been doing his whole life, having recorded six full-length albums along the way and sharing the stage with such amazing artists as Phish, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Cheap Trick, Little Feat, Paul Simon, Violent Femmes, Blues Traveler, The Samples, Dave Mason and most recently, Spin Doctors. Not to mention the countless, talented local artists that Chad has rubbed elbows with over the years.

Along with the core CHB lineup of nearly a decade; front-man Chad on guitar and vocals, Jeff Poremski on guitar, Jared Johnson on bass, Steve Benson on steel guitar and mandolins and Tommy Diehl on drums, the exciting new additions to the band include Yahuba Jose Garcia-Torres on percussion, Chris Peterman on sax, Lloyd Dugger on trombone and Tom Morse on trumpet. “Yes, the new additions are amazing,” Chad exclaimed. “I had been playing with our horn leader, Chris Peterman, for many years and when the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center (Stowe, Vermont) show was happening back in January, I knew I wanted to do something special and different... that’s when the horns came in.

“Chris and I got together at my house, went through the tunes and traded ideas, and then he went home and created all the parts for the trumpet and trombone. That’s when Tom and Lloyd came into the picture. We all got together and ran through the parts and it was so cool. Everything immediately gelled and we had a horn section. I was a little worried about the synching with the band, but everything went so well together and it was a match!”

Add percussionist Yahuba Jose Garcia-Torres to the mix and the new line up was complete. “I have been a fan of Yahuba for many years, seeing him perform with Martin Sexton and Ryan Montbleau,”Chad added. “Our mandolin player, Steve Benson, has always talked about his great skills and kind soul, so when Ryan left the road, I was finally able to get Yahuba on some gigs. We are really enjoying the experience, so it continues whenever our busy schedules will allow.”

As one would imagine, the additions have added a whole new dimension to the proceedings, both musically and visually. This writer and fan was lucky enough to witness – up close and personal – just the second live performance of the up-sized CHB, at the Claremont (N.H.) Opera House’s “250th Anniversary Celebration” concert in June. Let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, this is one seriously smokin’ band! Able to string together multiple genres (rock, funk, R & B, reggae, jam band fluidity) effortlessly, it was hard to believe the band was playing before an audience for just the second time, for they sounded as if they had been playing together for years!

“The horns and percussion have certainly added an extra musical and visual element to the band,” Chad said. “Visually, when you come to a show and see such a monster set up, I feel you can’t wait for the show to start and see how it all works together. What’s more, that’s the magic of having such great players; it isn’t about any individual player, it’s about the whole and each guy in this band gets it and feels that.”

More recently, CHB opened a show for 90’s rockers Spin Doctors at Government Center in Boston, to help celebrate 25 years of the Hard Rock Café. “The folks at Radio 929 in Boston are fans of ours and they asked the Hard Rock to have us on the bill. Having a summer show in the heart of Boston like that was a great experience. The Spin Doctors are a great band and now lean more towards the blues instead of pop music. I got a chance to hang out with lead singer Chris Barron and he was amazed that “Pocket Full of Kryptonite” (this writer was partial to “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”) went anywhere, as he was just a 19-year-old kid writing tunes in his New York City bedroom. We hope to do more shows together moving forward and maybe even do some co-writing.”

The newly released single was recorded with the assistance of the renowned producer-engineer tandem of Anthony J. Resta (who has worked with Elton John, Blondie, Megadeth, Collective Soul, Perry Farrell, Dale Bozio) and Karyadi Sutedia. “’Breathe’ is going great and has garnered some attention from Elmore Magazine - some friends of ours in Nashville,” Chad said. “It’s also been added into rotation at a few radio stations including WNCS, The Point (Barre, Vermont) and WCLZ in Portland, Maine. We find that after a few radio stations start playing it, others will start calling... and the phone is starting to ring!”

The song also features Cameron Stone on cello and Resta on synth guitars. “As for the recording, I did my acoustic and vocal parts here at home and then sent everything to Paramount Recording in Los Angeles for Anthony and Karyadi to mix. Then it came back to New York City for Chris Gehringer to master at Sterling Sound.

“I love the way it came out and I hope to get the song to some movie folks, as I feel it lends itself to the soundtrack world. This song is also a new approach for me, as it’s the first time I have released a single... one song... and I will be doing this for the next few songs in hopes of each tune getting individual attention, instead of a track getting lost within a whole CD.” Hollister will eventually release an EP and then a full-length CD, once enough songs are recorded and accumulated, of course. “Music today is such a “singles-based” world, so I thought I would try a different path to see where it goes... and it seems to have worked so far.”

Upcoming Chad Hollister Band events include a show to benefit Prevent Child Abuse Vermont at the Barre Opera House on September 13 and on September 20, a show to benefit The Hope Elephants at the Strand Theatre in Rockland, Maine. To learn more about The Chad Hollister Band, their latest single, “Breathe” and other upcoming events, visit Chad’s website at

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