John Yake

Contributing Writer - Southern Vermont & New Hampshire, Reviews

A lifelong resident of the Southern Vermont area, John has been involved in the local music scene for over 30 years as a bassist and all-around fan. “I first became obsessed with music at an early age after discovering my older brother’s Beatles albums - primarily Rubber Soul and Magical Mystery Tour – which would eventually lead me to an overall eclectic taste in music including Led Zeppelin, saxophonist Boots Randolph and a brief flirtation with Bachman-Turner Overdrive!”

In 2011, John earned a Bachelor’s Degree in writing and literature and currently resides in peaceful Andover, Vermont with his wife Sarah, son Brodie and daughter Shiloh... who are all musicians also… go figure.

“The current local music scene is more exciting than ever and I’m psyched to be joining Joe and the rest of the team at Standing Room Only in celebrating, promoting and reporting on the many talented artists in the area."