Kyle Branche

Contributing Writer - Los Angeles, California, Interviews & Reviews

Kyle Branche is a veteran of working in the old, classic record stores of the late 70's, in Arizona, where he spent three years in retail as a staffer and manager, creating incredible “new album release” wall displays, before working in music distribution for another three years as a music rack jobber, where he won sales and end-cap display awards from CBS Records, Journey and Willie Nelson. He still remembers many of the original record label and catalog numbers located on the spine of the albums some 35 years later!

After all of this early time entrenched in music, Kyle switched gears entirely and after decades. has become the busiest professional and private bartender in Los Angeles. He has authored ten books and has been published 75 times in the leading beverage industry magazines over the last ten years, which include contributing articles, monthly columns and feature cover stories.

His recent book series, titled Life Behind Bars, is filled with short stories and encounters based on all of his experiences out in the field working behind the bars of the most bad-ass parties in L.A., including working as Patron Tequila's main bartender for many of their brand-sponsored events in town for over four years. In September of this year Kyle recorded working his 2,000th freelance on-call bar gig, not even including the first twenty years of his bar career working in various establishments - both independent and corporate - earning his chops as a bar master here in the "City of Angels" . . . and devils too!

"I'm really looking forward to working with Joe and SRO... I still dig music and have a huge library that I've collected from those early years all the way up 'till now and continuing. When I started in music retail, it was when 8-track tapes were being slowly phased out and cassettes were starting to come in, and we had to eventually redesign proper-fitting shelf space up on the walls for them... it was a great time. We had incense going and everything to create more of an experience when you went to a record shop, like you were part of something special. Not too psychedelic, though... just a little was enough."

Kyle is also co-founder of Bar Professional, an online training program (and Standing Room Only sponsor) designed to teach the fine art of bartending, as well as the business side of the beverage industry. With a combined 60 years of industry experience coast-to-coast, Kyle and co-creator, Kellie Nicholson, have systematically created formulas that are setting new industry standards.