SRO...In Columns

Interested in music, the arts or are we! Contributing writers use columns to focus in on specific topics, including small business, music~product~service reviews, jazz and blues, and the publisher's perspective. Enjoy!

Into the Business...

SRO's Into The Business focuses on profiling mostly area and regional, but also national businesses and entrepreneurs that simply strike our fancy. We especially love writing about and promoting those smaller companies and entrepreneurs that many may not know about, but if they did... said company might not be small and less-known for very long!

Do you know a cool business or entrepreneur you feel our readers should know about? If so, send along your idea to Standing Room Only Editor-in-Chief, Joe Milliken at and we'll see about adding it to the story list!

Review This...

Our review column will put a variety of subjects up for review, submitted by writers from around the globe! Well... the Northeast anyway. Standing Room Only reviews include: CDs, DVDs, concerts, art exhibits, theatre, dance, restaurants, unique products or retail establishments, books and anything else that our readers might want opinions about.

If you have an idea for a review, or feel like you want to even take a shot at reviewing something you may like or dislike, please send an email to SRO editor, Joe Milliken at and let your idea be heard!

Food for Thought

SRO's "Food For Thought" column will offer the gamut of food-related articles. Read about everything from unique specialty food companies and new ethnic restaurants, to innovative (meaning not traditional) recipes ideas and current food trends.

The Jock of Rock Presents...

The Jock of Rock Presents is a music column started several years ago by Standing Room Only Publisher, Joe Milliken and created as a platform to profile and help "spread the word" about area bands, musicians, recording studios and other musical entities that simply deserve props (and some ink) for what they do... all for the love of music

So where does the Jock of Rock moniker originate, one might ask? "The nickname goes all the way back to my junior high school in the late 70's," Milliken says. "It was given to me by my schoolmate and friend, "Fast" Eddie Faxon, because of my love for all things rock music. I'm proud to say the name has stuck for over 35 years now and has somehow morphed into a music column... who would da' thought?"

Do you know someone musical (it can be any music genre) who deserves some recognition? Well then send along your idea and who knows, it might just wind up in a future Jock of Rock column! Email your ideas to Joe Milliken at (you guessed it) To read past Jock Of Rock columns, visit the "music & arts" section of Joe's website at